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How Do You Get Cyber Essentials Certified?

o feel better prepared for your assessment, you can use the Cyber Essentials Readiness toolkit provided by the National Cyber Security Centre, UK. You might want to refer to our Cyber Essentials checklist to get a basic idea of how to get started.

This can help you in self-reflecting and gauging where your organisation currently stands. You can then work on building an action plan and security controls for your business that will help you become secure enough to pass the assessment.

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Our Virtual Cyber Assistants can Help you achieve Cyber Essentials Certification


While the Cyber Essentials certification process has purposely been made simple and straightforward, our clients often need comprehensive support in getting started.

Several businesses often have a strong cybersecurity mindset. Yet when it comes to applying for the certification they don’t feel confident that their business is truly secure against malicious software, basic online attacks, phishing attacks etc.

This is where our Virtual Cyber Assistant service can play a very helpful role.

When you do use the Readiness Toolkit, you may realise one or more of the following:

  1. You are far from having the 5 necessary cybersecurity controls required to pass the assessment.
  2. A lot of your cybersecurity plans, policies and procedures are either out of date or not fit for purpose.
  3. Your organisation has a long way to go before you can feel satisfied with your cybersecurity posture.
  4. You need direction and/or guidance in creating new cybersecurity artefacts and aligning your organisation with basic governance and compliance requirements.
  5. You need a professional review of your Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plans, processes and procedures.
  6. You need assistance in improving your Risk Management processes.
  7. You believe that some of your critical infrastructure, cloud based data and/or IoT devices could use better protection.
  8. You want professional advice on choosing the right security solutions.


Our Virtual Cyber Assistant cybersecurity experts can help you with all of the above and more. Basically, this service is right for you if you want to gradually improve your cyber maturity and become fit for the Cyber Essentials certification. It is also perfect for you if you don’t have the budget or requirement for hiring expensive cybersecurity talent.

The best part? It is highly flexible and cost effective as it is an asynchronous and ticket-based service. You raise a ticket for a task you need done on the self-service portal. Your Virtual Cyber Assistant will do the job for you within pre-defined timelines.

Find out more about our Virtual Cyber Assistant service and see how it can help you become Cyber Essentials certified.

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